The Chinese version of Tik Tak restricts the use of the app to people under 14.

BEIJING (Reuters) – Chinese short video app Dwayne, the Chinese version of TikTak, said on Saturday that all its authorized users under the age of 14 should now access the app in “Youth Mode” to save young people. Will From inappropriate content

In Youth Mode, users under the age of 14 can access the app for only 40 minutes a day, and only from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., said Dwayne, who owns Beijing-based Bite Dance.

Dwayne said the youth protection measure was the toughest in the platform’s history.

Chinese regulators have tightened their grip on the Internet this year, policing it for violating basic socialist values. Authorities have specifically called on minors to be better protected from online threats, including the “blind” and “chaotic” worship of Internet celebrities.

The popular social messaging app VChat, owned by Tencent, also has a “youth mode” that, when turned on, limits young users’ access to certain games and functionality, such as the ability to pay or find close friends.

(Editing by Ryan Wu Reporting Richard Richard Plann)

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