The charts indicate that the stock market should move higher in late October

A traditionally weak September has lived up to its reputation this year, but historical analysis of market patterns shows that better days are ahead.

Jim Kramer presented analysis of veteran chart analyst Larry Williams in Friday’s issue of “mad moneyWilliams called the bottom in March 2020 and the pullback for the market in September.

“Work is what you’ve been doing for me lately,” Kramer said. “It’s really ruthless. And recently Williams has had a really good track record, so we keep coming back to it.”

Kramer notes that Williams’ charts predictions from the start of the year are eerily similar to how the 2021 market has performed.

“For the most part, Williams was dead right,” Kramer said.

Larry Williams’ chart prediction was strong in 2021.

Larry Williams, CNBC

Cramer said he is not always a fan of technical analysis, but it is important to consider it when making investment decisions.

Williams’ work shows that one of the best buying opportunities of the year is just a few weeks away.

“Williams notes that, according to the calendar for almost a century, the stock began to rise around 0 carats. 29. This does not always happen, but on average it is from late October … until late December usually “The strongest time of the year for the market,” Kramer said.

The date points to a stock rebound in late October, according to Larry Williams.

Larry Williams, CNBC

Analyzing 47-day and 150-day cycles, another Williams favorite, tells a similar story.

Cycle analysis shows late October bottom for market

Larry Williams, CNBC

“We have two different graphing techniques that require the same result,” Kramer said. “This is called confirmation.”

According to Williams, buying S&P 500 futures contracts on the 22nd trading day of October or the first trading day of October has been a consistent winner over the past three decades.

“There’s no guarantee this pattern will work in 2021, but it has worked for the past 31 years and Williams has been in the making for 18 months, so I’m telling you I wouldn’t bet on it,” Kramer said.

“Maybe I’m starting in the third week of October, but the bottom line: As we approach the end of October and the beginning of November, the charts are as interpreted by legendary Larry Williams. So maybe it’s time to get more constructive as we approach our historic glory days.”

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