The CEO of T-Mobile says that it is “really sorry” that the data of 50 million users has been hacked.

T-Mobile says it has notified almost all the millions of users whose personal data has been stolen and that it is “really sorry” for the breach.

Bellevue, wash. T-Mobile says it has notified almost all the millions of users whose personal data has been stolen and is “really sorry” for the breach.

“The company is working hard to stay ahead of criminal hackers,” CEO Mike Sewert said in a written statement Friday. “But we haven’t lived up to our expectations of protecting our customers.” Knowing that we failed to stop this show is one of the most difficult parts of this event.

The company revealed in early August that the names, social security numbers and information related to more than 40 million people applying for T-Mobile credit had been revealed in violation of recent data. The same data for about 7.8 million existing T-Mobile subscribers who pay monthly for phone service was also compromised.

Sewart’s statement came after a report in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday in which 21-year-old American hacker John Buns, who lives in Turkey, told the newspaper that he was responsible for the hack and that T-Mobile was reckless in making it possible. He blamed security.

Sewart did not make any direct reference to Buns on Friday, but said “in short, this person intended to break and steal data, and they succeeded.”

Sewart said the breach has been contained, the investigation has been largely completed and the consumer’s financial information has not been revealed.

Sewart said the company has notified “almost every” current customer who was affected, and is now doing the same for former customers and potential customers who have applied for the account and provided some personal information. Will be provided. T-Mobile online account page that tells them their data has not been revealed.

T-Mobile, based in Bellevue, Washington, became the country’s largest cell phone service carrier with AT&T and Verizon after buying rival Sprint last year. It reported a total of 102.1 million US users since the merger.

T-Mobile has already uncovered data breaches over the years, although the recent one was the biggest. Sewart said the company is taking steps to improve its security.


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