The CEO of Anchor says that Apple has proved to be very helpful for the company except for chargers from iPhones.

Apple stopped bundling chargers last year when it introduced the iPhone 12 family, and followed the same pattern when launching the iPhone 13 series this year. This decision has not been positively received, especially by consumers. Officials in various countries have also launched an investigation into Apple, claiming that the company is forcing consumers to make additional purchases. However, the company’s CEO, Anchor, is pleased with the move, as it enables the device maker to sell more products.

Speaking to The Verge, Anchor chief executive Steven Yang commented on Apple’s business strategy, saying the decision to drop charges with iPhones boosted the company’s business. He also comments that there is a bootload of consumers who will continue to purchase first-party charging accessories from Apple or Samsung.

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“Yeah – a lot, because this is a new category. Before that, a lot of consumers didn’t buy chargers themselves. According to our survey, about 50% of these consumers still go back to using their old chargers.” Go, because they’ve saved some money over the years. But more and more people are starting to buy individual chargers. Samsung will buy the charger. Still, it gives us the opportunity to reach out to these customers as a third party charger brand. , And interoperability to charge all your devices from all brands.

Most iPhone users who already own Anchor Charging will likely grab it, even if they upgrade to future models. To address this hurdle, the company plans to introduce more efficient and compact power bricks, also called GaN chargers. Anchor also sells third-party certified lighting cables, which are more durable and cheaper than Apple’s own offerings, so this is another reason why consumers will choose Anchor over other manufacturers.

It’s not just Apple that has stopped bundling chargers, as Samsung has also started shipping devices without PowerBrix. In the near future, we will not be surprised to see Chinese smartphone makers pursuing the same strategy, and that would mean more business for the anchor.

Source of news: The Verge

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