The ‘building back better’ bill must die

The Rebuild a better bill – Let’s call it B4 – along with Infrastructure bill And President BidenJoe BidenVideo depicting violence has been removed from MP Gosar’s account after negative reaction Federal judge rejects Trump’s efforts to block documents on Jan. 6 Expected price increases increase Biden’s political risks more‘s green energy schemes They pose unprecedented threats to US national security and economic stability and must be stopped now. It could break America’s back by stimulating a massive increase in inflation, leading to the Fed’s restrictions, much higher taxes, and recession. If not, the Congressional Budget Office spell it In the clearest terms, it has been politicized beyond redemption.

But more importantly, Biden’s foreign policy failures in Anchorage with the Chinese, Geneva with the Russians, Afghanistan — which demoralized our allies and emboldened our enemies — and Glasgow, where the Chinese ignored Biden, made it clear that America had little. left influence. A fatal blow to national security would be the passage of any form of B4, which would drain defense and national security budgets, either through direct cuts or through inflation. And this inevitable US military decline will happen exactly when China is in the middle of a formidable situation military expansion Russia is feeling increasingly emboldened.

The central problems are budget and leverage.

While America is currently experiencing nominal growth in the stock market, it will be short-lived. Inflation / Federal Reserve action will begin to apply the brakes. Supply chain issues will start to drive out companies’ performance, and the inevitable increase in taxes to cover those huge spending bills will end the picture. Warning: Never believe a politician who claims a huge spending bill will “pay for it.”

The semantics of this administration have transformed the word “infrastructure” to mean anything at all. The same is true of the “budget”. The White House failed to understand that the real world is a set of trade-offs between possible ways to spend money, money that is already available, and the real economy that produces money. If any form of B4 is passed, it will divert money from defense and national security and exhaust the overall economy. The real question is whether the many Christmas gifts to B4’s political factions are worth the risk to national security and the economy. The answer is “no”.

The Glasgow climate conference introduced the global dimension to the problem of American influence. First, Biden’s mistakes have destroyed nearly all of America’s political influence on the world stage. In addition, by demolishing America energy independenceBiden drove up energy prices for consumers and industry in the United States and greatly weakened the economy. Biden is now asking foreign producers to ramp up production to save us, and They refused. At the same time, the impulse to bet America’s future on solar and wind energy, which requires huge batteries that won’t be around for decades to store adequate energy, and massive expansion and reform of the electrical grid, which cannot be done for decades, puts the entire economy at risk. Add to this the inevitable sharp increases in electricity prices and reduced reliability from solar and wind energy, and the consequences for American industry and households are clear.

Glasgow proved that our enemies understand all this and know that B4 could be a huge mistake, even though the White House is clueless. Together with the military build-up, China is expanding its reach dramatically coal-fired energy by 2050. It is happy to sell to America solar energy systems assembled by slave laborers, but has no interest in ruining its economy by indulging in solar and wind energy. Likewise, Russia was left laughing that “Europe Awakened” would depend to a large extent on it Gazprom For winter and industrial gas supply, thanks to tacit Biden green light On the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The final message from Glasgow is that America is welcome to commit suicide with solar, wind and B4 immediately, but that it will have no impact on the environment or climate change. Biden squandered American political influence and B4 became the final nail.

To add insult to injury, Biden’s special presidential envoy on climate, John KerryJohn KerryEnergy and the Environment Overnight – Submitted by ExxonMobil – Activists Scream Over Draft COP26 Activists have criticized the lack of pledges on fossil fuels in the COP26 . draft Obama says the world is ‘nowhere near’ on climate action more, I still can’t realize that his expensive diplomacy, his expensive diplomacy – that is, America will give you billions or trillions of dollars if you promise not to contaminate or manufacture nuclear weapons – is a global joke.

B4 will make America the first national nominee for the Darwin Prize.

So, what are the policies for defeating the bill? The results of the recent elections are clear to everyone except the leadership of the Democratic Party. The majority of American households know what “budget” and “price inflation” really mean. They will also quickly understand the meaning of “reliable energy”, “inadequate storage” and “cultural breakdown”. Politically, that means power is turning to the moderates in Congress who have the backbone of saying no to B4, increases in the debt ceiling, and the rapid destruction of America’s critical energy systems.

Save America, “B4” It’s too late.

Grady Means writer ( and a former strategic advisor to the company. He served in the White House as a political aide to Vice President Nelson Rockefeller. Follow him on Twitter hahahahahaha.


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