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Miles ‘Miley’ Harty, 20, of Askeaton in Limerick, died in a one-car crash just hours before his girlfriend got married, of Thomasgate, also in Limerick.

Kate Kelligan Helped It Was “The Hardest Day of My Life”

The grieving bride whose fiancé died in a terrible accident on her wedding day wore her wedding dress to say goodbye to her “one last time” before his funeral.

Miles ‘Miley’ Harty, 20, died in a one-car crash just hours before he married his girlfriend Kate Quilligan.

Mr. Harty, of Askeaton in Limerick, died on the spot when the car in which he was a passenger in the front seat hit a pole at about 1 am in Cragmore, Irish Mirror reports.

A teen, whom Gardy believed was driving, was arrested on suspicion of an offense under the Road Traffic Act.

He has since been released without charge.

Miles “Miley” Harty has died at the age of 20


Miles Harty)

A third man, a back-seat passenger, a silver-colored Skoda hatchback, was taken by ambulance to Limerick University Hospital with “non-life-threatening” injuries.

On Tuesday, Harty’s grieving fiancé, who is from Thomasgate in Limerick, buried her family and loved ones after a funeral at St Mary’s Church, Asketon.

She had pledged on a social networking site that they are now husband and wife.

Footage showed a sad Kate, surrounded by her parents, in her wedding dress, bridal outfit, and holding her bridal bouquet outside a house with a photo of Miles behind her.

His funeral took place on Tuesday morning

Her father told the camera, “Miles this is all Kate has ever wanted, Miley Harty. She’s dressed up and she’s going to go to you one last time.”

Then he said, “Miley, I’ll never forget you, you’re the boss,” as he leaned in to kiss Kate.

Heartbroken Kate said it was “the hardest day of my life.”

She praised her “chocolate cake” and wrote, “The hardest day of my life today, but I know you’re with me every step of the way. I really wish you knew what I thought about you.”

Meanwhile, parish priest Father Shun Olonghai warned young people of the “danger” and “dangers” associated with driving, adding that cars were a “lethal weapon”.

Speaking about road safety in general, he told mourners, “I want to make an appeal to our young people, because accidents are avoidable. [are] A great gift, a great luxury, but it is also a lethal weapon.

“So the appeal, which I’m sure many of us here will make, is to be aware of the danger to yourself and others when you’re driving – you are so important to us to lose you.”

Jarday who is investigating the fatal accident has resumed witnesses and any footage from vehicles on the R518 Askeaton to Rathkeale Road.


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