The Braves outrun the Astros in Game 1

HOUSTON – Whether they like it or not, the Braves stayed on text Tuesday night.

Jorge Soler and Adam Duval starred in the Braves in the first game of the World Series with a 6-2 victory over the Astros at Minute Maid Park despite losing Charlie Morton, who was He came out with a broken leg – But not before the right-hander gets five more teams after being injured.

Atlanta won just 88 games in the regular season, didn’t pass 0.500 as of August 6 and overcame the season-ending injuries of Ronald Acuna Jr. (ACL) and Mike Soroka (Achilles) — plus Marcel’s absence. Ozuna, who was placed on administrative leave after being arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife.

Now the Braves have racked up three wins from their first title since 1999 after together they scored another win.

Soler drilled Homer’s lead to leave on the field 2-0 from Framber Valdez. It was the first time in the history of the World Championships that the first hitter in the first game of the first game had hit a home run. It came on Soler’s first start since he tested positive for COVID-19 before the fourth game of the NLDS.

Adam Duvall celebrated after hitting Homer by two in the third game of the Braves’ 6-2 win over the Astros.

Valdez’s night got worse from there.

After a nice play by Jose Altuve to get Freddy Freeman for the first time, Ozzie Albes reached Valdez slow and stole second place. Valdez then fell behind Austin Riley, 3-0 and Riley followed him with RBI twice to the left of center to make the score 2-0.

The Astros threatened at the bottom of the inning against Morton, with a Michael Brantley single and a duet walk to Yordan Alvarez and Carlos Correa to load bases for Kyle Tucker.

Tucker pinned one to the right of a short, with Albis providing good play on his left and a solid throw for the first in the final to keep it in a two-round game.

Travis Darno and Jock Pederson opened the second goal from Valdes and Dansby Swanson hit a fly ball into the track in the center to take both sprinters up.

Soler led in his second round of the match with a short coach to make it 3-0, but Pederson was sent off in third place.

The Night of the Braves took a turn when Morton made a strong comeback from his right ankle from Yuli Gurriel to lead the bottom second – a play that ultimately knocked him out of the game. Despite that, he beat Chas McCormick first and put Martin Maldonado into the top spot.

Meanwhile, Atlanta continued to bomb Valdez. Eddie Rosario started Game Three with one song, and Duvall finished off a hard night with Homer in two rounds giving Atlanta a 5-0 lead.

Houston brought in Yemi Garcia, who retired for the next three hits.

Morton was finally forced out of the game with one exit at the bottom of the third. He stumbled on the last pitch of the night, which was good enough to take a look at Altuve.

Morton was diagnosed limping with a fracture of his right fibula – ending his world championship.

AJ Minter entered and immediately allowed a brace for Brantley, but he retired Alex Bregman and Alvarez to finish the inning. The left-hander continued to throw 43 high-level throws during 2 ²/innings.

Astros' Yuli Gouriel reacted dejectedly after he was sent off in second place to score two goals in the eighth inning.
Astros’ Yuli Gouriel reacted dejectedly after he was sent off in second place to score two goals in the eighth inning.
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Jake Odorizzi took charge of the Astros to start fourth.

The Astros started back in the fourth. Minter’s Tucker doubled by one exit and moved up to third with a gorilla song. With the runners on the corners, McCormick hit a short shot which could have resulted in a double play ending in the first inning. Instead, Swanson booted it up. Tucker scored and Goriel finished third, while McCormick arrived safely.

With the runners on the corners, Minter puffed up Maldonado and got Altuve into a pop-up, which he grabbed himself.

Losing 6-1 in the eighth inning, the Astros scored a run and Goriel fired a lofty shot off the wall into the center-left, but Rosario cleared it out in second.

The Bullpen continued in Atlanta to only allow a pair of rounds at 6²/innings, as the Braves improved to 20-5 since Sept. 19.


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