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Dog The Bounty Hunter’s wife, Francie, has shown her support for the reality star, offering an update on his hunt to catch Brian Laundrie.

The search is still going on for Brian Laundry, but The Bounty Hunter . dog He takes a step back from chasing him. The 68-year-old reality star whose real name is Duane Chapman Postponing the honeymoon with his new wife FranceAnd 52, for trying to find Brian, who was issued an arrest warrant after his fiancée Gabi Petitos The body was found in Wyoming. Doug and Fransi snapped photos along with a new interview with the sun On October 13, where he presented update in his search.

The dog and Fransi tie the knot Back at the beginning of September. The reality star announced that he would Join the viral search to Gabe’s 23-year-old fiancé at the end of September, interrupting their Florida honeymoon. “We came here and I said to my Frances, honey, it’s eight hours away. Honey, I need it badly. My skin is crawling, I’m getting goosebumps. I’m having those dreams freezing I’ve got you boy! I’ve got these kinds of dreams, Frances!” the sun. In the photos, the pair looked ready to hunt, all in black and the trees behind them. The dog was wearing a button-down jacket, black camouflage pants, and his signature sunglasses. Francie was wearing a shirt and pants as well as a black baseball cap.

Doug and Fransi snapped photos in an interview with The Sun regarding the search for Brian Laundrie. (The Sun / News Licensing / Mega)

Doug said that Fransi had given him permission to suspend their celebration and go find Brian and Husband encountered wildlife Like snakes, hares, mosquitoes and crocodiles while searching for him in the rising sun state. “One of the last reasons I want to catch him – so that I can continue with the honeymoon. I hope it’s not in any disrespect to anyone involved in this case because it’s terrible, but that’s where we stand now, on our honeymoon.”

Doug said he put off the honeymoon in an effort to find Brian Laundry. (Unsupported / AP / Shutterstock)

While Doug said he wanted to arrest Brian to get back on his honeymoon, he had to stop his investigation on October 11, after injuring his ankle, according to Doug. TMZ. He returned home to Colorado to be seen by his doctor. Other than searching, Doug also said that with the coroner’s report stating that Gabe died after being strangled, it would be in Brian’s best interest to turn himself in. He said, “The best decision for him now is to turn himself in.” the sun. “[His parents] Need to do more to tell Brian to stop running.”

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