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The best iPhone gaming controller Cyber ​​Monday Dell comes with a free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

These days, you can play a lot of deep games with your iPhone and a dedicated mobile gaming controller, which makes the process much easier. As we said in our Backbone One review, this is the best of all the options available in the market for iPhones as it was specially designed for them. In fact, there is not even an Android option.

Fortunately, there is currently a 30% discount for Cyber ​​Monday. Regardless of which iPhone you have, this gamepad gives you more accurate control and a much more comfortable gaming experience. Plus, it works with all compatible Apple Arcade, Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud), or App Store games. Oh, and did we mention that BackBone One comes with a month’s free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription? This is a really sweet deal.

The best iPhone mobile gaming controller for Cyber ​​Monday

Backbone One controller

Back Bone One for iPhone | Save 30.

Backbone One was designed specifically for iPhones and works with any compatible Apple Arcade, xCloud, or iOS games on the App Store. It works with all iPhones and features a headset jack for easy listening. It even offers charging so you can charge your phone with a cable while playing.

. 69.99 on Amazon

The buttons and triggers work very well and feel exactly like a console controller. You simply slide your iPhone over the Lightning connection and then press the Backbone One to keep it in place securely. It also has a headphone jack and a pass-through charging port so you can listen to your game audio and charge your phone while playing.

Given the popularity of Backbone One, with its huge discounts and the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, it’s hard to say how long the stock will last. You should jump on this offer as long as it is available at this low price.

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