The best games of 2021 so far.

Ritchie and Clinic: Rift Apartment.


We have. Much to see in the coming months.: Death Loop, a new Metroid, Forza Horizon 5, Hello Infant and a couple of arrogant Pokemon remakes, among others. But while 2021 has not been the best year for gaming so far, 2020 was definitely as heavy as blockbusters. Final Fantasy 7 remake. And The last part of us 2. – It provides some jewelry.

Highlights includes Richet and Clinic, one of the few games that really takes advantage of the immense power of PlayStation 5, Resident Evil Village, and most recently Psychonauts 2. .

Disco Elysium.

Disco Elysium received rave reviews for its 2019 release, including a GameSpot best score, several Game of the Year nominations and several Best Narrative wins. Earlier this year, an expanded final kit was launched on PC and PlayStation (4 and 5), which included extensive sound acting (such as over a million words of voice acting) and additional questions. Xbox and Switch are scheduled for release later this year.

If you haven’t, play it.

Cape work

Resident Evil Village, aka Resident Evil 8, marks the 25th anniversary of the great surviving horror franchise. It’s a celebration of everything that makes the series great: suspense, memorable characters, explosive combat and real locals. And, of course, horror. So horrible

Resident Evil Village has no mindset for fans of the series – and is able to play for everyone who thinks he depends.

Insomnia game

Ritchie and Clinic: The raft apartment is the latest AAA special, and it could be the best ever. Like Devil’s Soul and Return Before, it shows what the PlayStation 5 is worth – which is what this game looks like. amazing. Not only that, but it uses the PS5’s SSD hardware not only to reduce load times, but also to shape the level design. A great adventure that any PS5 owner can enjoy.


The rage of Super Mario 3D World + Bowers is the latest example of YU, which is one of the most valuable assets of the Switch. Like Mario Party 8, Bionita 2, Pokکنmon Tournament and Donkey Kong Tropical Frozen, Super Mario 3D World was originally a Wii U game. It’s brought to the Switch with the short but sweet Boozer Fury Add-on, making it a great package for those who missed it for the first time. (Which everyone loves.)

Square Enix.

Hitman 3 is the culmination of Io Interactive’s Hitman reboot, which began in 2016. By the way if you are in this kind of thing you can also play it in VR.


Nightclub inside the air conditioning ducts. Street Fighter-Ore Showdown with a Gallery. It takes it all. It follows Cody and May, a married couple planning to divorce who find themselves trapped in the toy bodies pictured in their daughter’s picture. You know, normal things.

This wife is a game about team work and problem solving, and thus a special case of two players. If you’ve found a partner who’s good enough to play with 12 hours of opt-in platforming, you’re sure to have a great time with him.

Cape work

If you’ve ever played the Monster Hunter game, you already know what to expect with Rise. If you don’t have one, it’s basically a boss fight progression against increasingly powerful monsters. Defeating them makes you better gear, which can result in you hunting bigger monsters. Rise has introduced mechanics that make combat more fluid, as well as a new roster of monsters designed for hunting. There’s a lot more here too: you’ll spend more than 50 hours looking at everything the game has to offer.


It took 20 years, but Nintendo finally gave us a Pokemon Snap sequel. Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions. The new Pokemon Snap is amazingly fun. It’s an exciting piece of fun that guarantees Pokemon fans to keep smiling.


Mass Effect Legendary Edition takes the first three Mass Effect games, chuck in all their DLC – that’s it Heap DLC – and it all converts to 4K. And while resolution upgrades are important, it’s not just an improvement. Options have been added, quality of life features have been added, and controls have been tightened, especially in the actual mass effect.

If you’ve never played through a franchise before, this deal could be the best blow to your money for 2021. Very Massive effect here.

Double fine.

Psychonate is a sleeper. Either you lost the original 2005 game, or you played it, liked it, and have been looking forward to its sequel ever since. A cool 16 years later, it’s in all its splendor, charm and creativity. This dynamic platform is full of critical definitions, and has been called one of the most memorable games of 2021. GameSpot called it an “amazing success in almost every way” and this amazing success is a particularly sweet deal for Xbox owners who can play games on the Xbox game pass.

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