The average Social Security benefit in 2022 may shock you | personal financing

You’ll still need supplemental savings

Unfortunately, no matter what steps you take to increase your Social Security benefits above average, it will not be enough for you to live comfortably. You will need to draw money from savings to continue enjoying the same quality of life that you had while in the world of work.

Investing throughout your career in a tax advantage retirement plan It can ensure that Social Security plays the role it was meant to, serving as one of the many sources of income to rely on once paychecks stop coming in for good.

The $16,728 Social Security bonus is totally overlooked by most retirees

If you’re like most Americans, you’re behind on retirement savings for a few years (or more). But a few little-known “Social Security secrets” can help ensure a higher retirement income. For example: One easy trick can pay you up to $16,728 extra…every year! Once you learn how to maximize your Social Security benefits, we believe you can retire with confidence with the peace of mind we all seek. Simply click here to discover how to learn more about these strategies.


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