The at-home COVID antigen test is only $9 and ships ASAP

the Variable Omicron The COVID-19 pandemic has been engulfed, causing an influx of needy refugees masksAnd face shields And COVID tests at home.

Because of these sudden increased needs, necessary supplies like the above are becoming scarce – especially when it comes to COVID-19 testing at home.

However, Well before that I just received a shipment from Flowflex COVID-19 Home Tests Those retail at a low price $9.49.

the the exams Both are FDA and EUA approved, deliver results in less than 15 minutes and you only need to order as little as 2 minutes (although we recommend ordering a few extras to have on hand anyway ).

Even better, your tests are guaranteed to ship immediately in 48 hours or less and are HSA and FSA qualified. So you’ll be able to keep your family and friends safe sooner rather than later.

COVID test picture at home
Well before that

the Flowflex COVID-19 Home Test It features an easy-to-use nasal swab and requires only this single test, “while other home tests for COVID-19 antigen may require a second test two to three days after the first,” according to WellBefore.

Ages 2 and up can successfully use this test, and it is intended for use with and without symptoms of COVID-19. You will be able to get your results in less than 15 minutes without sending them to the lab.

The attached test is good until December 2022.

With over 26,300 positive reviews online, it is inevitable that this will be done quickly, and there is no telling when Well before that You’ll get more inventory – so get as many as you can.

Since these tests come in and out of stock by the minute, be sure to check back regularly if the purchase you want isn’t available at this time.

The government is also currently offering four free at-home COVID tests to every household, according to White House websiteThey will ship anytime between seven to 14 days.

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