The Apple Apps App Store decides to compete with Epic Games.

Apple on Friday asked a federal appeals court to overturn a legal decision that would require tech companies to amend its App Store rules and allow app developers to allow users to access the App Store. Explain subscription and payment methods for services outside of.

The September ruling sparked a year-long legal battle between Apple and Epic Games, the makers of Game Fortnight. Apple also asked a judge to delay a change in the App Store after an appeal hearing.

Rapidly changing its rules, Apple argued, “the careful balance between developers and users provided by the App Store will upset, and cause irreparable harm to both Apple and consumers.”

Apex declined to comment Friday on Apple’s actions.

The battle between the companies is centered on Apple’s lucrative App Store. The App Store generates 20 billion a year, according to some estimates, and its business model requires developers who distribute their apps on iPhones to pay Apple up to 30% of their sales. ۔

Declaring fees and other App Store rules unfair, APEC accused Apple of not competing and took the tech giant to court in May, but U.S. District Court Judge Evan Gonzalez of Northern District of California Rogers ruled that Apple did not. The mobile games market is monopolized.

Still, Judge Gonzalez Rogers said Apple violated California laws against unfair competition by barring app developers from barring their users from paying services outside the App Store.

For a long time, under the rules of the App Store, companies were not allowed to tell people who used their apps that they could pay for services by visiting their websites or other places. The judge allowed Apple to change its rules and allow developers to introduce alternative payment methods for advertising.

On Friday, Apple asked the judge to consider its Nov. 2 restraining order request, hoping it would delay appeals with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco. , Over. The company said it could take at least a year.

Epic, also unhappy with the aspects of the judge’s decision, appealed immediately after the decision.

Still, the problem is that if the restraining order is upheld, Apple will be forced to change. Some have speculated that developers may offer their own competitive payment methods within the App Store, but Apple said Friday it does not “agree with this broad interpretation” of the judge’s decision.

The company said it had already done what Judge Gonzalez Rogers agreed to as part of a settlement in August to send developers an email to discuss alternative payment methods with its customers. And allow other methods to be used.

The legal battle began in August last year when Apple tried to direct Fortnight Players through Apple’s payment methods, prompting Apple to signal that it would boot Fortnight from the App Store. APEC filed the lawsuit, and the two companies met in a court in Auckland, California in May.

The controversy has been followed with keen interest by the tech industry, as Apple faces accusations of anti-competitive practices and demands for regulation around the world, from Japan and South Korea to the European Union and Congress.

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