The action-packed TV scene from Marvel’s Eternals features a gay couple

Eternals Sersi and Ikaris stand outside Phastos and his husband's house while their child looks on excitedly.

Now there are more semi-experienced heroes shang chi And Black Widow They got their solo movies, it’s eternityGlitter time. The new batch of cosmic aliens making their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe appears for the first time in a month From director Chloé Zhao, which means it’s time to start commercials. Surprisingly, the biggest benefit of this spot is that it actually shows footage of The first gay couple In the MCU movies, something seemed like an impossibility for the 13-year-old mega-franchise until Tessa Thompson returns for else bull Movie.

Most of the shots in the promo are things we’ve seen before, like Lia McHugh’s Sprite enchanting humans with fireworks. But there are some interesting new pieces to invest in, like the debut of Festus’ Husband (Brian Terry Henry), performed by Haz Solomon. And they have a baby together! How far have we come from crossing our bloated, weird fingers in the hopes that a random Marvel movie every year will be the one to give us our company’s approval. weird rep. Oh, and Kit Harington still exists as Dane Whitman, the man who would eventually become the Black Knight, but Marvel Really hope You wouldn’t think about it.

The next MCU movie sees the Eternals decide to join the fight to defend the planet after irresponsibly long time Just sitting on the sidelines. What with the universe suddenly receiving a massive return of the population then Avengers: Endgame, Earth is in danger of extinction again. So it’s a rush to bring the band back together to stop the aberrations and save the world, and it’s not the first Marvel movie to do so. Finally, this looks just like the way Marvel Studios usually markets their movies. It’s not about the gloom or the awkwardness of the final trailer, but rather it makes its case with splattered action, like the team battling deviant monsters or preparing to battle a volcano. No clue what it’s all about, but we’re sure to know when eternity Come Exclusively for theaters On November 5.

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