The 5 most anticipated new TV shows will premiere in December, including a new ‘Star Wars’ series.

Boba Fat's book
“Boba Fat’s book.”

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  • Disney + ‘s new “Star Wars” series, “The Book of Boba Fett” is debuting this month.
  • A prequel to the hit cable series “Yellowstone” has arrived on Paramount +.
5. “Abbott Elementary” – ABC, December 7

Abbott Early

DescriptionIn this workplace comedy, a group of dedicated, passionate teachers – and a slightly deaf principal – are gathered at a public school in Philadelphia, where, despite the difficulties they face, they continue to demand the lives of their students. I am committed to helping them succeed. Although these incredible teachers may be very large and have little funding, they love what they do – even when it comes to educating school district children. Don’t go for less that your full potential. “

4. “Station Eleven” – HBO Max, 16 December

Station eleven

DescriptionA limited series based on Emily St. John Mendel’s international bestseller, Station XI is a post-apocalyptic story that follows survivors of the catastrophic flu as they rebuild and re-imagine the world. Trying to retain the best of the lost. “

3. “And so on …” – December 9, HBO Max

and so on

Description“Anything is possible if you have good friends in the corner. After all these years and all the changes, a new chapter of Sex and the City begins.”

2. “1883” – Paramount +, December 19

1883 Yellowstone

Description: By Taylor Sheridan, Academy Award nominee, co-creator of Yellowstone, following the Dutton family in 1883 as they traveled through the Great Plains to the last stronghold of the invincible United States in the West. America’s Promised Land – An in-depth study of a family fleeing poverty in search of a better future in Montana. “

1. “Boba Fat Book” – Disney +, December 29

Boba Fat's book

DescriptionA thrilling Star Wars adventure, the legendary bounty hunter Boba Fat and the tenant Phoenix Shand in the galaxy, set in an amazing and creditable setting after the end of season 2 of ‘The Book of Boba Fat’, ‘The Mendelorian’. Found in the underworld. Go back to the sands of Tetouan to lay claim to the territory under the control of Jabba Hut and its criminal syndicate. “

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