The 22-year-old Texas A&M student is said to have had no brain activity due to the injuries she suffered at the Astroworld Festival.

#Roommates, the tragic news surrounding Travis Scott Astroworld The music festival continues, with the latest update featuring a young college student providing a heartbreaking prediction. According to new reports, a 22-year-old college student from Texas A&M University is reported to have had no brain activity due to the injuries she sustained while attending the Astroworld Festival hosted by Travis Scott that killed eight people.

@ABC13Houstion reports, Bharti Shahani, a student at Texas A&M University, unfortunately has no current brain activity after she was Seriously injured While attending Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival, according to a recent update from her family. Shanhani is currently in critical condition after suffering multiple heart attacks and was connected to a ventilator at Houston Methodist Hospital, where she was transferred after things turned deadly chaos in Astroworld. Her family told a local news company that they are now determining what to do next regarding Shanhani’s future and medical care. Doctors say the chances of survival are none, and I haven’t spoken to my wife yet. We keep saying we pray. I ask all of Houston to pray for her. Perhaps prayer is a miracle for her, said her father, Sunny Shahani.

Shahani attended Astroworld with her sister Nimrata Shahani and her cousin Mohit Pilani, but they were separated from each other in an incredibly large crowd. Her father spoke about his daughter’s heartbreaking condition. “They took us to her room, she was bleeding and on a ventilator. My wife and I were so shocked. We couldn’t even stand there. I think she lost oxygen for 10 minutes once and seven minutes another time,” her cousin added. So her brain stem was nearly 90 percent swollen.”

Further explaining the shocking scene when the crowd started falling down and trampling on each other, Bellani said, “As soon as one person fell, people started rolling over like dominoes. It was like a cesspool. People were falling on top of each other. There were layers of bodies on the floor, Like two thick people. We were struggling to climb to the top and breathe to survive.”

As previously reported, Travis Scott has been subject to at least nine lawsuits over the tragedy and more are expected to come.

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