The 2022 Porsche Tycoon shakes up retro colors, keeping it up-to-date with Android auto integration.

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Porsche Tycoon. And Tycoon Cross Toursmo. Ready for updates, and on Tuesday, the brand revealed what we can expect from the 2022 models. And I hope you like the retro color because it’s a big part of the update. The 2022 Tycoon and various forms of its electric wagon offer paint-to-sample and paint-to-sample plus color options. In addition, electric cars boast Android auto integration and a new, optional remote parking system.

Let’s talk about these new colors first. Porsche said it was well aware that many of the colors created in the 1990s had a cult-like following, so it decided to make them available for the Tycoon range. This includes the magnificent Ruby Star, featured here, but other old but new selections such as Acid Green, Moonlight Blue Metallic and more. In total, 65 of these paint-to-sample colors are available on top of the 17 colors already offered. In addition, the Paint to Sample Plus option gives buyers the ability to customize any color. Do you want a tycoon match from your phone case? Done

Speaking of phones, the 2022 Tycoon model adopts integrated. Android Auto. Support electric cars already support local. Apple Car Play. Functions, such as Apple Music and Podcasts, but with Android Auto integration, Android users can now work directly with Porsche Communications Management. Drivers simply plug in their phone and get various Google / Android functions in their Tycoon car, such as Google Voice Assistant. Porsche’s voice assistant, meanwhile, is smarter than ever and understands more natural language than passengers. The new models also get the latest graphics and best customization for PCM with five menu options instead of three to switch up.

Although Tykan’s option sheet is already long, a new feature is added to the roster: Remote Parking Assistant. When equipped with the 2022 Tycoon and Teacan Cross Torsomo, you don’t need a man behind the wheel to pull parking spaces in and out. The system will also control parking arrangements for parallel and vertical parking, all through a smartphone app. The owners grabbed the appropriate button and told the tycoon to stop any movement. The car’s sensors will also ensure that there is actually enough space to park or perform a maneuver.

Porsche will send the first 2022 Tycoon model to dealers later this year, and so far, they have been successful. The brand notes that 5,367 vehicles have been delivered in 2021 each year.

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