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The 2022 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Heritage Edition offers $ 10,000 strips

The GT500 Heritage Edition’s Brittany Blue flanks pay homage to the original 1967 model. See


Despite the fact that its new electric brother has been making waves in the press lately, the Ford Mustang is still a default red car, and Ford has made a few special edition pony debuts for your driving pleasure. Showing a little love Announced on Friday, this pair of single year limited editions includes the GT500 Heritage Edition and Coastal Limited Edition.

The GT500 Heritage Edition already carries an impossibly 760 horsepower GT500 and offers it in a unique shade of Brittany Blue with a choice of hand-painted or vinyl racing strips. The Base 2022 GT500 starts at $ 77,260 and includes a $ 1,195 floor fee and $ 2,600 Gas Gozler tax. The new GT500 Heritage with Wimbledon White Vinyl Stripe Package will return you an additional 1 2,140 ($ 79,400 all-in), while the Heritage model with optional hand-painted straps – Available at Wimbledon or Absolute Black – Price base price More than, 12,140. Regular GT500 That’s $ 10,000 extra if you have to do your strips by hand, guys.

Ford also introduced the GT500 with another new color, the Carbon Fiber Track package in Code Orange.

Nick Mayotte / Road Show

The 2022 Mustang Coastal Limited Edition is already built on the entertainment-powered EcoBoost Premium platform. It includes unique 19-inch wheels, false side intakes, vinyl side strips, a body-colored grille, a pedestal spoiler (on cops) and light-up seal plates that demonstrate its status as a Coastal Limited Edition. This package will be available as a 99 1,995 option bundle on both convertible and coupe body styles. Cost figures for beginners on Coastal Fastback cost approximately $ 35,500, including delivery.

Finally, the Ford GT500 is going to be offered in a shade of Code-Orange’s exclusive-to-Ford-Performance-models. We have seen this color. F-150 Raptor And GT SupercarBut now, GT500 buyers will have the opportunity to paint their car with it. (You can see more pictures of her in our gallery).

Orders for the 2022 GT500 Heritage and Coastal Edition models begin November 15, with the first examples expected at dealers next spring.

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