The 19-year-old entrepreneur is setting industry standards for Taijon Resorts and his company, Solutified Web Design Agencies.

Atlanta, GA / Accesswire / July 23, 2021 / Today, we are seeing more changes than ever before in online business as a whole. Amidst the global epidemic, when the world seemed to be closing down, many brick and mortar businesses suffered, while online businesses flourished. It leaves some people shaking, while others sit on auto pilots and watch their business grow. But the good news is that it doesn’t take long to make an online transition, and get started online, especially when there are web design firms out there that can help you get the job done.

For those who want to take this leap or relocate, Solutified and Taijon Records come in handy. Solutified is a full service web design studio based in Atlanta, Georgia that has helped people around the world customize their website to their liking. Often referred to as the ‘blue sea’ of the web design world, they are known for their high level of transparency and communication with their clients.

Solutified’s team prides itself on providing the best service to its clients and aims to raise the bar for industry standards. One thing most web designers do is ‘promise a beautiful website’, but most do not know that a beautiful website will not sell, and the Solutified team knows that. There is a system and process that needs to be configured so that it works according to your needs, and they have developed their own revolutionary 6-step framework to help you do just that. The ‘Hybrid-hierarchy Website Model’, which follows this framework, is developed on Solutified and promises to attract cold prospects no matter where you are in the field. Promises to do, catch, nurture, and convert into paying customers. As thousands of people have entrusted to them, and they deliver consistently every time.

Solutified is a revolutionary company in the world of web design as a whole. Their special ‘Hybrid-Hierarchy Website Model’ is about to change the game and raise the bar for other competitors in the circle. As time goes on, Solutified only intends to expand its services and stay at the forefront of its game for its beloved clients. If you are interested in online development and traction for your website like never before, check out Solutified and get involved.

Taijaun Reshard – Owner
180 Jackson St., Atlanta, GA 30312

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