The 10-year-old painter will paint live at Art Miami

When most of us watch a movie about a famous artist, we are amazed at it.

Andres Valencia He watched a film about Jean-Michel Basquiat and told his father: I can do it.

You can see for yourself how the work of the 10-year-old painter from San Diego turned out at Chase’s contemporary Art Miami booth (hint: it’s pretty cool). The collection, on display in the exhibition that runs through Sunday, already has a display from a New York collector, according to Nick Kornilov, the gallery’s director.

“We work with young artists all the time, but this is special,” Kornilov said, adding that the exhibition is important to him for a personal reason: a part of the sales proceeds will benefit. The Perry J. Cohen Foundation, after his son Perry, who went missing at sea at the age of 14 in 2015.

Andres, who is inspired by Cubism but still loves to play with GI Joe, was self-taught, said his father, Guadalupe Valencia, a lawyer (Elsa’s mom is a jewelry designer—she’s probably the genetic source of all that talent). Andres painted his first painting at the age of four and began working on small canvases. Last year, as the pandemic spread and lockdown loomed, his father brought home large paintings with trepidation, unsure of Andres’ reaction on the larger scale.

Turkish series dubbed main
Street artist Shepherd Fairey talks about art with 10-year-old painter Andres Valencia at Art Miami on Tuesday. Pedro’s Gate

Turns out he did just fine. His second large painting is part of the collection at Art Miami.

“He even painted an 84″ x 48″ canvas,” Guadalupe Valencia said. – He uses a ladder.

Size is no problem for the young artist, who met street artist Shepard Fairey at Art Miami (their booths are next to each other) and considers Georges Kondo and Picasso his favorite painters (he’s a Modigliani fan, too). The hardest thing, he says, “is to combine everything together to make the style match.”

the best thing? “You can express your feelings and things on the canvas,” he said.

Kornilov said Andres will paint live on Saturday noon at Art Miami, which is a good example of what the show seeks to provide.

“It shows you what we’re doing around the show all the time,” he said. “We always have something people can look at and say, ‘That’s interesting. this is different. “

Turkish series dubbed main
Andres Valencia, a 10-year-old artist stands in his booth at the Miami Art Gallery during Miami Art Week. The plaque in the center is his homage to Jean-Michel Basquiat. Pedro’s Gate

miami art

where: 1 Herald Plaza, Miami

when: until December 5th; Andres Valencia will draw live on Saturday 4th December

the tickets: $55 for adults; $35 per student and 12-18 students;

This story was originally published December 1, 2021 10:07 a.m.

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