THC Vape Pens & Cartridges Are Improved, But Still Not The Real Thing

Dear Stoner: I stopped using retail pens a few years ago. How much they made me cough, the orgasm wasn’t worth it. With that, I’m moving in with my new roommates, and I want to be a bit more discreet. Are hash pens ever improved?

Dear Derya: Hash pens will never be like knuckle or dab after a long day at work, but they come close. It was probably the THC oil that filled your vape cartridges three years ago Distillate or butane fractionation oil, then diluted with vape juice and possibly flavored. Depending on the quality of the fluid filling the cartridge and the temperature at which you steamed it, you might have sucked up some nasty stuff, which could cause a cough.

Since your retirement, retail pens have come a long way. Extraction tools such as Lazercat, Green Dot, Äkta, Dablogic and Single Source fill vape cartridges with live and rosin resin, and without vape juice. The result is close to a touch of flavour, impact, and even smell – so you don’t get cracking in your new community bathroom.

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