Thanksgiving 2021: San Franciscans share what they are grateful for as life approaches normal

San Francisco (KGO) – This Thanksgiving Day, we asked people in San Francisco to share what they are thankful for. Most people said they are happy to enjoy the little things.

“I am grateful for the beautiful day we had,” said Kate Osterland, who was in town visiting the city. “It was a good day to run. I am training for a marathon. I am also grateful to my husband, Nick, who was with me.”

Traveling was a common thing that people mentioned when asking the question. A year ago, many people were unable to travel as coronavirus cases rose. This year is a little different.

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“I’m really grateful we met people,” said Natalia Boyer, who traveled from the south to San Francisco. “People are more grateful that everything is opening up again so we had to meet so many wonderful people.”

Some people also mentioned simple moments, like going to the park. In Marina Green, many were playing with the dogs and their message was just to enjoy the moment.

Said one of the men who wanted to be treated as B. So be thankful for that because not many people have that opportunity.”

Video: Meals are delivered to seniors in the Bay Area who are spending Thanksgiving alone

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