Texas ports can help the US supply chain, inflation: Gov. Abbott

Texas State. Greg Abbott Join FOX Business’Morning with MariaAnd they argued if the goods went through again Texas roads instead of through California Ports and the American supply chain and inflation Issues will improve.

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Government. Greg Abbott: California rules and regulations – that’s one of the reasons why you see a delay of about 100 days in ships being able to go to port and unload and move that cargo through the USA, which is causing the issues we see in the supply chain. In just two weeks, these same ships can pass through the Panama Canal and go to Port Houston and Port Freeport in Texas, unload the cargo and return to Asia before being unloaded in California.

Because of Texas’ central location – because of the highways, our railroads – the goods they seek to unload in California can be unloaded in Texas and quickly distributed to locations across the country. Take out goods faster and at lower cost. It is logical. And why the Biden administration not using common sense to reduce the supply chain challenge is so disastrous, it would drive up the cost of all of these goods and make it even more difficult for Americans to get what they want on Thanksgiving. . What do they want for the holidays. What a business needs to be able to operate.

one of the things [that’s] Occurs due to supply chain challenges [is] Inflation increased across the country. Because of the lower cost of spreading these goods across the country by going through Texas ports rather than California ports, this will reduce the inflation that many consumers have to deal with.

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