Tesla’s move came after California state lawmaker ‘FK Elon Musk’ tweeted

CEO of Tesla Elon Musk He confirmed Friday that his company’s move to Texas was, in part, inspired by a tweet to him from a California lawmaker.

Musk’s confirmation came in response to a fake Tesla blog post, claiming that “Musk selflessly tried to resist the actions of the government” by reopening the Fremont plant in violation of Alameda County COVID-19 precautions in 2020. For context, Musk sued the boycott on a stay-at-home order that shut down the company’s plant, and dropped the lawsuit 11 days later.

The Tesla fan blog — titled “Tesla moved headquarters to Texas after candid offer from California assemblywoman” — calls out Gonzalez’s expletive tweet for Musk, saying the tweet “indicates serious problems in the state apparatus.”

musk chirps, In response to the article and its title, “exactly.”

Unfazed, Gonzalez tweeted that the CEO was “making a lot of his money from California taxpayer benefits for opting out.” This comment refers to the fact that Tesla will keep its factories in California.

“And yes, it’s still awful,” added on twitter. “$200 billion worth of cleaners left hanging during the pandemic.”

She later tweeted screenshots of her Being harassed on Twitter and Instagram by Tesla enthusiasts.

At a news conference in Oakland on Friday in which Musk praised his “entrepreneurial spirit,” California Governor Gavin Newsom spoke about Gonzalez’s comment.

“I’m getting tweets like this probably every hour and I’m staying here and I love that state,” Newsom said, According to Politico reporter Jeremy B. White,. And for what it’s worth, Newsom too Defend the state tax for companies like Tesla.

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