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Tesla cyber truck on the road

Tesla boss Elon Musk has confirmed that the company will update its highly anticipated cyber truck with quad motor configuration, 4-wheel steering, and ‘crab walk’ mode, which we’ve recently seen on rival EV trucks. ۔

When it comes to electric vehicles, Tesla usually leads the charge (no pin intended), but this time they are playing catch-up. Instead, the company is adding new features to its yet-to-be-released truck that other electric trucks already have.

Since its announcement in 2019, Tesla’s Cyber ​​Truck has experienced several delays, with the latest news announcing the arrival of 2022 too late. This gave other manufacturers like Rivian and GM the opportunity to beat them in the market and showcase exciting new features. In October, Tesla removed all cyber truck specs and prices from its website, suggesting changes were coming, and now they’re here.

Elon Musk this week Verified Its electric pickup truck will launch with some notable features, including 4 motor configuration instead of tri-motor, and some other changes.

“Initial production will be a 4 motor variant, with independent, extremely fast response torque control on each wheel.” Then, when asked if the cyber truck would have tank mode, as Rivian R1T Musk said, “It will have both front and rear wheel steers, so not just like a tank – it can drive obliquely like a crab.”

Basically, the first cyber truck to be released will have one motor on each wheel, instead of the company mentioning $ 69,900 tri-motor setup in 2019. For thinkers, both the Rivian R1T and GM’s new Humer EV have quad motor setups. The Rivian is now available, with GM’s EV truck hitting the roads later this month.

Rivian has shown its “tank turn” mode using 4-wheel steering for many years, and GM’s Hummer EV takes it one step further with the “Crab Walk”, which you can see in action here. All four wheels can turn left or right, allowing the vehicle to move diagonally, which certainly has a lot of use scenarios. It’s worth noting that Elon Musk suggested a crib walk and 4-wheel steering in July, so we knew it was coming.

As you can see, Tesla is copying GM’s homework in fierce competition with other EV manufacturers.

Who knows, by the time Cyber ​​Truck arrives in late 2022 or early 2023, Tesla may need to add more features to match its competitors. Either way, we’ll have to wait and see what happens if Tesla raises the price from $ 69,900 a bit more because of these changes.

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