Tesla will open the controversial FSD Beta to software owners who have a good driving record.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company would use personal driving data to determine whether owners who paid for its controversial “complete self-driving” software had access to the latest beta version. Which promises more automated driving functions.

Musk tweeted late Thursday night that the FSD Beta v10.0.1 software update, already given to a group of select owners, will be widely available beyond September 24.

Owners who have paid for FSD, which currently costs 10,000, will be offered access to the beta software. Musk wrote in a tweet that drivers who opted for beta software would be asked for permission to access their driving behavior.

“If the driving behavior is good for seven days, the son will be given access,” Musk wrote.

Tesla vehicles come standard with a driver assistance system called autopilot. For an additional 10,000, owners can purchase “complete self-driving” or FSD-software, which Musk has repeatedly promised will one day provide autonomous driving capabilities.

FSD, which has constantly increased in price and added new functions, has been available as an option for years. However, Tesla cars are not self-driving. The FSD’s parking feature features summons as well as auto-pilot visits, an active guidance system that takes a car from highway on-ramp to off-ramp, including interchanges and lane changes.

The latest FSD beta is considered for automatic driving on highways and city roads. However, it is still a Level 2 driver support system that requires the driver to pay attention, keep his hands on the wheel and be in control at all times. Recent videos showcasing owners’ experiences with this beta software provide a mixed picture of its potential. In some videos, cars handle city driving. In many others, drivers seem to take control due to small turns, being too close to stop, failing to move forward and, in one case, suddenly turning to pedestrians.

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