Ted Cruz defends parents as they perform Nazi salutes at school board meetings

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During a heated Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) once defended parents giving Nazi salutes at school board meetings.

cruise with other republicans, Attorney General Merrick Garland criticized for Under the direction of the Ministry of Justice this month To investigate Violent threats against educators escalate. This rise coincided with the right-wing media fueling anger over mask mandates and the so-called critical race theory.

Back to Message Cruz, written by the National School Boards Association, emphasized that many of the examples of threats cited by the NSBA were “nonviolent,” adding that one case involved attending a school board meeting to make fascist gestures.

“Oh my God! A parent threw a Nazi salute at the school board because they thought the policies were oppressive,” Cruz exclaimed wildly. “General Garland, doing a Nazi salute to an elected official, is that protected under the First Amendment?”

“Yes, it is,” Garland answered calmly, prompting Cruz to demand the note to the FBI saying “go and investigate the parents as domestic terrorists.”

The AG noted that his memo doesn’t say that “at all,” prompting Cruz to respond, as stated in the NSBA letter. The prosecutor replied: “I don’t care what the letter says.”

The school board’s letter to the president asking him to act against “threats and acts of violence” includes a reference to domestic terrorism –The language the NSBA has since apologized for and backed off After a severe conservative reaction.

At the same time, Garland himself repeatedly told the senator on Wednesday, his Oct. 4 memo to the Department of Justice “says nothing about domestic terrorism” and that he was also responding to “public reports of violence and threats of violence.”

Cruz later took to Twitter to defend his defense of the Nazi salute at school board meetings.

“Left magazines are either (1) dishonest or (2) not very bright (or both),” Senator Books In response to a journalist’s tweet. “Parent was doing the Nazi salute because he was calling the autocratic school board Nazis — evil, bad and abusive. And yes, calling someone a Nazi is very protected under the First Amendment.”

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