Taylor Swift makes her words look like the pages of a diary. We should read it as an art.

“All Too Well” isn’t just Swift’s best song; It is also her most representative. It’s a sad romantic song about being left behind, rich in subtle details–a scarf, a refrigerator light–that give it such constructive strength. If someone wanted to know what the whole deal was, this is the song to play for them. It also represents the difficult intimacy that she cultivates with her fans. In her art, in her self-presentation, Swift creates a window that is actually a mirror: you look into the emotional world of her music, but all you see is yourself. Part of Swift’s appeal lies in this inconsistency. In her music, she is always crying over a lost love or stumbling hard over a new love; In real life, Swift has been so careful about her image that it took a specially dedicated photographer to take a picture of her. who showed her belly button. It’s hard to imagine the woman you see acting like a woman in songs, but it’s hard to listen to songs without thinking, This should be the case.

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