Tamar Braxton takes to social media about her refusal to pay half on a date – ‘Maybe I’m old school…but that’s not all’

roommates, Tamar Braxton She never holds back when it comes to expressing her opinions on a variety of issues – and that also includes who should pay when dating. Taking to social media, Tamar Braxton posed a question to her fans while making it clear that when it comes to going halfway on a date, she’s definitely not here for it.

Tamar Braxton had a few things Get off her chest About dating and who should pay the bill. She admitted that she would rather pay for a whole private night (sometimes) than go half of it with her husband.

She tweeted:

“Is there something wrong with not wanting to go half with a guy? I don’t mind paying for both of us sometimes, but I wouldn’t go half time! It’s a total turn off for me. Do you all guys think going half up is sexy? Maybe I’m Old school.. but that’s not all. What do you all think?”

Meanwhile in other Tamar news, she recently harassed fans and spilled the beans that she is seriously considering returning to reality TV – but that wouldn’t be the kind of show you used to watch from her.

She recently stated that she wants a show that isn’t overly intrusive into her personal life and presents her family in a positive light. You will remember that Tamar had a very bad and very public split with WE TV which was the home of her popular long-running reality show ‘Braxton Family Values’.

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