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Tamar Braxton shares an amazing video that wows fans

Tamar Braxton She shared a video on her social media account that impressed her fans and followers. Check out the clip below.

Get it Tamar!!!!! She was all set to smoke TikTok! Tamar commented on her post.

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He said, he said: «They came together to dance! I love him so talented! One commentator said: “Chile. Who was the choreographer? I’m tired of just watching this routine.

One fan posted this: “We needed this full performance because you were all playing it,” and he said, “You know she was serious because the gang just flew.”

One commenter said: I hope you set a lot of fitness goals for us in 2021!! Cheers ‘, and one follower said: ‘Who is that left front ripping the entire dance floor down !!!!! Yasin.

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Another person said: ‘I love the Go-Go tunes in this song and the singing is so good!!! One follower said: You killed that Chet! I wonder why you and solangeknowles remind me of each other so much when you dance..and ride or die little sister! Post everything. I’ve gone crazy.

One fan posted this: ‘tamarbraxton gave them my knees high lol!!!! This kid was excited to have him at that point,” one follower said, “Tamar always had an extra look at her last dance moves, she got a little extra step at it, go sassy lol. ”

Someone said, “The way you were hitting hard at the end reminds me of Twanda vs Trina doing Tony’s choreography”, and one commenter posted this: “So you used to be able to dance and dance. That’s funny you all in the back dancing like you’d better expect Mine.

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“Nowaistallowed waist Everything was cut off on my schedule so I had to try one myself and baby, this is the code that uses ‘TAMAR’ for $$ off,” Tamar said.

Someone posted this: “Yes, I believe 2021 will be a much better year for all of us. Nice golf club swing! Many blessings of peace to you and your family?

One follower posted this: ‘Tamar doesn’t need a relationship. She must learn to be alone and love herself. You put a lot on the man. The man is not your source. These are some of your problems. You all make the guy everything, and one fan said, “When you talk about positivity, let the positivity flow. You block the blessings from adding the negativity. The brain doesn’t work like that!”


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