Tamar Braxton addresses a famous food chain

Tamar Braxton She talks about a famous chain of restaurants and shares a video about it. Check out the post she shared on her social media account.

Someone said, “I think this is all McDonald’s in America,” and one commenter posted this: “It’s a ‘Happy Day’ they found out who you are.

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One fan said, “No, you’re not a liar that McDonald’s workers are acting,” and one fan posted this: “Facts!! But Logan’s lol almost took you on your walk in the end.

Another said: ‘Girllll, they act as if they give you something like gold when you go there. And there is not even. They act like you’re not paying your hard money for this crap, and you better check your bag before you leave to see if everything is there that you ordered. They hit a mess! real real.

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One commenter posted this: “You’d better testify! Why are our blessings being taken lightly? Satan will work overtime to steal the slightest bit of joy. Tell him he can’t stand it. The joy of Jesus here is priceless.”

One follower said: They are the rudest food chain. Too bad. If you have been to Chic fil a, you will get ice cream in time with a smile.

One fan said: “Tamar’s face is swollen and her upper body looks really big. I hope that everything is fine. Tamar’s face is usually nicely skinny. Your face looks wide and swollen, I hope you are fine. Stay beautiful and blessed.

Tamar Braxton She shows off her abs in the video she posted on her social media account. Check out the post I shared below.

“Doing these projects at Lemon Pepper Atle Island has completely taken me off my fitness trajectory. I am slowly but surely coming back. It is very hard to say no to the lemon pepper air I breathe #happy Saturday Saints,” Tamar commented on her message.


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