Taliban tells Britain ‘will die if the world is not watching’ while jihadists send ‘death squad messages’ to Afghan ‘traitors’

The Taliban told a BP squad member frighteningly he would be shot if the world’s eyes weren’t watching – as the terrorist group prepares to eliminate the “traitors” of the sadistic regime.

The 25-year-old medical student managed to flee Afghanistan and is now safely in a south London hotel with his wife, but is still haunted by the jihadists’ stark warning.


The Taliban escalates its pursuit to track down the “traitors” of the regimeCredit: Environmental Protection Agency
The jihadists send messages to those who worked with US and British forces to inform them of their imminent death


Jihadists send messages to those who worked with American and British forces to inform them of their imminent deathcredit: CNN

after show Taliban “If we had not been under pressure from the international community, we would have shot you,” one of the fighters, guarding his British passport, told him as he tried to reach Kabul airport.

The student, who wished not to be named, said to Daily maThe He has “zero percent confidence” that the terrorist group will stick to their word and have mercy on those who aided US and British forces.

It is believed that they are instead “throwing the curtain” on the war-torn country, cutting off the internet and a vital lifeline for thousands of Afghans.

Behind closed doors, the 25-year-old said the Taliban would ask, “Why did you leave your country? Why are you planning to go to another country?”

“You don’t like us? You are at our mercy and we can do whatever we want.”

The disturbing story of an unidentified Briton has raised fears that the thousands of Afghans left behind will be disciplined when Western evacuation flights stop.

Time is fast running out before the August 31 deadline, as we’re seeing rescue operations escalate to the level of “war,” according to a NATO diplomat — before it’s too late.

But the jihadists seem to be wasting no time in seeking revenge for those who helped the Allied forces, and are even beginning to send disturbing messages to “traitors” – describing looming death sentences.

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The Taliban said there was plenty of time for foreign nationals to flee the country before the deadline, but made it clear that they were “not in favor” of Afghans leaving.

They are now stepping up their mission to eliminate anyone who betrayed their power by opposing the brutal regime over the past twenty years.

In one case, a letter was sent to the brother of an Afghan interpreter, who has worked as an interpreter for US forces since 2001, accusing him of aiding the US and providing security for his brother.

In the first three terrifying messages sent by the Taliban I got it CNNThe brother accused the protector of “helping the Americans” whom they describe as “infidel crusaders”.

“You chose this path for yourself”

“You are therefore hereby notified to appear before a hearing to clarify your record and prove your innocence.”

“If you do not attend this hearing, you will be issued a default judgment and you will have no right to object,” the handwritten letter read.

I sent him a second message after he did not attend the hearing in his village, fearing for his life.

The man was told that because he “ignored” the original notice and did not turn up, his file was taken to the Sharia courts.

The second letter warned that if he was “convicted of providing aid to Western invaders” he would have no right to object to the sentence.

Then the brother was told: “You chose this path for yourself.”

The death penalty

In a third and final message, the Taliban sent the brother a page with official letterhead printed on it – informing him of his “imminent” death sentence.

After ignoring warnings to “stop your slavery to the crusader invaders and continue with godless slavery and provide security for your brother,” he was found “guilty in absentia.”

He was told that the case had been referred to the Supreme Sharia Court “where you will be sentenced to death”.

The letter continued: “These rulings are final and you will not have the right to object. You chose this path for yourself and your death is imminent, God willing.”

The execution warrant was signed by Mawlawi Abd al-Baqi Sanjari, who is described as the head of military affairs.

The man, who has not been identified for his safety, said he had been sent to the Taliban to deliver messages within the past three months.

it comes The Taliban death squads were reportedly pulling people from their homes He killed them while chasing the dissidents.

The terrorist group has even prepared “priority lists” of individuals it wants to track down, according to a leaked UN document.

Trace the “splitter”

Key targets include those who had central roles in the Afghan army, police and intelligence services – the Taliban conducted “door-to-door visits” throughout Afghanistan.

In their search for slaves and wives for their soldiers, Hardcore gangs were having sex with corpsessaid a former member of the Afghan police force.

The terrified woman, known only as Miskan, said she “didn’t care whether a person was alive or dead”.

Taliban warlords reportedly view unmarried women and girls – or widows – between the ages of 12 and 45 as “knockouts,” the spoils of war to be divided among their fighters.

Taliban gangs even target children up to 12 years old They are looking for sex slaves after the occupation of Afghanistan.

It is a race against time to get as many Afghans and allied workers out of the country as possible


It is a race against time to get as many Afghans and allied workers out of the country as possibleCredit: AFP
The Taliban told a Briton that he would be killed if the eyes of the world were not watching


The Taliban told a Briton that he would be killed if the eyes of the world were not watchingCredit: Environmental Protection Agency
Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid tells Afghans ‘There is no danger to you’ as thousands try to leave Kabul before US withdrawal

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