Taliban publish propaganda video for ‘Afghan Guantanamo’ showing ‘blood-stained’ cells where ‘prisoners were tortured’

The Taliban released a video showing a former US prison where it says its fighters were tortured.

In propaganda footage filmed in Bagram – known as Afghanistan’s Guantanamo Bay – a man gives tour points to cells he says are bloodstained.


A Taliban video shows the pens in which prisoners were being heldCredit: Twitter
In the footage, a man shows the place where he claims to have been tortured


In the footage, a man shows the place where he claims to have been torturedCredit: Twitter

Bagram Airport was the center of American operations in Afghanistan It was used to interrogate prisoners captured in the pursuit of al-Qaeda terrorists in the aftermath of 9/11.

Over the years, the US military has been accused of torturing prisoners in the secret prison 40 miles from Kabul, before transporting them to Guantanamo Bay itself – which it has denied.

The Taliban He has now toured the prison and has shared a video of people claiming to be former US prisoners making walking tours of the cells and pens where they were held, Telegraph reports.

“Forbid the torture places here – there is blood [stains] of the people here,” a man claiming to be a former prisoner said in the video, which has not been independently verified.

“This is where we were provided with food,” said the man, pointing to a crack at the bottom of the cell door.

“They won’t open the door. This is where they were handcuffing and tying our hands before we were taken to another place.

“A lot of people spent time here, and some prisoners stayed for months.”

Two men were allegedly beaten to death in Bagram in 2002, and families of detainees there said they had heard no news from their relatives after they entered prison.

Human rights lawyers said that the prison also houses dozens of innocent people, many of whom were detained after receiving reports from rival tribal opponents.

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai once described it as a “Taliban-made factory” and demanded that it be handed over to local control.

After the United States said it was withdrawing from Afghanistan, its forces reportedly left Bagram by cutting off the electricity and sliding away at night on 2 July without informing their new Afghan commander.

The Americans left behind about 3.5 million items, including tens of thousands of bottles of water, energy drinks and military takeaways, known as MREs.

They also left behind thousands of civilian vehicles, without keys, and hundreds of armored vehicles.

The Taliban captured al-Qaeda during their lightning advance on Kabul, which stunned the world and saw them return to power 20 years after they were driven from power.

The fanatics said that they also seized large quantities of military and medical equipment when they took over the prison and air base.

“We brought doctors with us and we asked for their expertise,” said one of the fighters interviewed.

“But they also don’t know how to use the equipment, because the equipment is very modern.”

Prison was the focus of allegations of torture


Prison was the focus of allegations of tortureCredit: AFP
The propaganda video was posted by the Taliban


The propaganda video was posted by the TalibanCredit: Twitter
The man doing the tour claims that bloodstains can be seen


The man doing the tour claims that bloodstains can be seenCredit: Twitter

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