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A former member of the Afghan police, identified in reports only as Muskan, told reporters that gangs of Taliban fighters go from house to house and have sex with dead bodies as they round up women and girls as young as 12.” Sex Slaves at War

Muskan (pictured) claims sick Taliban fighters have sex with corpses

A former policewoman alleged that Taliban “rape gangs” had sex with corpses as they went from house to house to hunt down sex slaves.

The terrifying ex-member of the Afghan police, identified only as Muskan, told outlets News 18 Militants “don’t care if a person is alive or dead” as they hunt women and girls as “spoils of war”.

Muskan fled to India after the Taliban’s swift capture of Kabul, telling an announcer there of the appalling situation of the women left behind.

She claims the Islamists issued “numerous warnings” that women and their families risked death or physical violence if they went to work.

“Fighters will not warn you twice,” she added.

“They also rape corpses. They don’t care whether a person is alive or dead. Can you imagine this?”

Taliban fighters accused of raping bodies by a former member of the Afghan police force who fled the country to India


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She added that the gunmen were going from house to house, snatching women and girls from their families, or shooting them.

The shocking news comes as warlords are reported to have been hunting children as young as 12 to use as sex slaves after seizing power.

Despite promises by the Taliban leadership to respect women’s rights under their new rule, reports indicate that they have gone back to their old ways, forcing them into marriage and carrying out sexual assaults across the country.

An unmarried or widowed woman is considered ‘spoils’ or ‘spoils of war’, the sun reports.

Women and girls in particular are said to be at grave risk under the new Taliban regime, similar to the example set during the five years of the regime’s brutal suppression of females between 1996-2001.

Women and girls are believed to be more vulnerable under the new Taliban rule after the horrific precedent set by the militants during their 1996-2001 rule.


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The Taliban ruled Afghanistan with an iron fist, bearing heavy burdens on women and girls, who were brutally tortured and even publicly executed for petty violations of their backward version of Islamic law.

Regime leaders took control of the presidential palace in a swift military operation that baffled Western powers, who believed it would take the fighters about 90 days – not 90 hours.

In a televised press conference after their victory, Taliban leaders promised that the regime would not return to the barbarism of the 1990s, and that women’s rights would be protected, but only under Sharia.

The commanders also said that they struggle to keep their ranks in check and that doing so is one of their primary concerns during the transition period.

Unwilling to stay to find out, petrified refugees flooded the capital and its airport, where they hope to escape the country on one of the planes promised to them by foreign powers.

But reports claim these refugees are also targeting their women, adding that leaders are demanding that they hand over unmarried women to be raped or forcibly married to sick fighters.

Civilians and captured soldiers, whom the Taliban leadership offered amnesty only days ago, were also executed, according to a The Wall Street Journal Report.

When accusations of rape, murder, torture and the imposition of sexual slavery were dealt with on a large scale, the Taliban denied each. They say the appalling behavior of their soldiers is against Islam and therefore strongly condemned by the Islamic military regime.

Although denied, these practices were widespread and often systematically carried out under the previous regime.

About a month before taking control of the capital, the Taliban leadership reportedly published a decree requiring local leaders to inform young girls and widows under the age of 45.


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