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The shocking footage shows an unnamed Australian citizen at Kabul airport moments after being brutally beaten by the Taliban while yelling at men with rifles for what they have done to him. But moments later, a gun can be heard cocking and firing twice over the man’s head as cries echo around him. The shocking images come as a source told MailOnline how the man has since been separated from his family in Kabul and his whereabouts are unknown.

The victim can then be heard speaking in another language around him before the man tries to intervene.

Moments later a small brawl erupts as the interfering man appears to be trying to push the camera away to prevent the man from filming the chaotic scenes.

After regaining control of the camera, the man bravely continued his narration to explain what had happened.

He says: “Look! That’s what happened to me when I was crossing [the] airport.”

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The man had a wife in Adelaide and a brother in Sydney with three men and two women believed to be his cousins. The group was reportedly beaten by the Taliban before they were “disconnected” and taken away.

Chaos mounts at Kabul airport as evacuation deadline approaches amid growing pressure from the Taliban to leave Western Frogs, even though 2,000 Afghans still qualify for UK evacuation

On Tuesday, President Biden assured the world that he intends to stick to the August 31 deadline for withdrawal despite criticism from opponents and allies including the UK after the G7 meeting on Tuesday.

Boris Johnson has warned that the US decision to leave Afghanistan on August 31 will mean an end to evacuations from Kabul airport, leaving thousands at the mercy of the Taliban.

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