Take a look at Amazon Debut a picture frame echo show, interactive projector for kids, and much more.


Today, Amazon held a new event in which several new products were announced. From a new big eco show, thermostats, doorbells, health trackers and more. Here, we’ll focus on many of them, starting with the new 15-inch Wall Mountable Echo Show, its brand new Amazon Glow projector display for kids, and some other exciting products.

Earlier, Lex suggested that a new Wall Echo be released on Amazon, a Fire TV sound bar, a home robot and a bunch of wearable devices. Turns out, most of these rumors were true. Now that many of these products are official and coming soon, you need to know this.

Amazon Echo Show 15 inches.

Echo show with 15 recipes and notes.

The new Amazon Echo Show 15 is the biggest smart display we’ve ever seen from the company. Coming at 15.6 inches, the 1080p flat display can mount directly on your wall and act as a smart home hub. It’s basically a huge tablet, as it doesn’t have a large speaker attached like the previous Echo devices that sits on a table.

For just 249, the Echo Show 15 can be a great option for many families. It does everything that Echo shows on a regular basis, such as playing Alexa music, telling you the weather, streaming videos or how to, and of course controlling your own smart home gadgets. As well as all the routines and other things that people do with Alexa. For video chats, there is an integrated 5MP camera and a dedicated switch that closes the camera shutter and disables the microphone for privacy.

In addition, Amazon has updated the software to take full advantage of the larger 15-inch touch screen. Users can place widgets on one side of the screen to display constantly important information such as reminders, to-do lists, calendars or quick controls for all your favorite smart home items. Amazon will offer a lot of helpful widgets, and third party developers can add them too.

Echo Show 15 is mounted on the wall in portrait mode.

Unfortunately, you can’t fully customize the experience, as half the screen will always show the specific content of the Amazon Show device. That said, it’s still the biggest, and it has all the benefits of extra real estate.

As you can see above, the Echo Show 15 can be mounted vertically on the wall or horizontally. That way, owners can choose what works best for them or for their walls.

If you don’t want the Echo Show 15 on the wall, dock options are available. And if you want to put it on the table or in the kitchen, this is the first echo show that supports full HD resolution streaming from Netflix, Amazon’s Prime Video, Hulu and others. In addition, Amazon’s display now works with Sling TV to stream TV content, tick-tock, and other third-party apps.

Use Amazon’s largest echo show as a smart home hub, picture frame or standard echo. The choice is yours. It will be available “later this year” and you can order from the link below.

Amazon Echo Show 15.

Get Amazon’s Biggest and Best Echo Show 15 for Your Counter or Wall, which costs 9 249.

Amazon Glow

A child playing Amazon Glow with the Elmo game on the table.

This next device is Amazon, a unique gadget designed specifically for children. Amazon Glow is basically a video chat tablet with an 8-inch large display and a built-in projector for user interaction and learning. Amazon Glow will be 29 299 by the end of this year, but interested parties can sign up for early access (invite only) and get an introductory price of 9 249. At $ 299, you’ll get a glue and 1-year subscription to the Amazon Kids Plus service.

As you can see in the picture above, the device sits at a table and is perfect for interactive learning while considering ongoing epidemics. Better yet, it has a table top projector that moves things to a certain point. The projector displays a 19-inch screen on the bottom white mat, which comes in a box, and allows all kinds of conversations.

The kid using Amazon Glue with the books on the table.

What makes it unique is the shared display during the video call. By this we mean that parents, grandparents, or teachers can install the app on their Fire Tablet or iPad, and it will be a mirror of what the child presents on the table. Thus, providing a two-way experience that is more engaging and interactive. Children often get bored during video calls with family members, and this is a great way to solve it.

When projecting, the Amazon Kids Plus service provides all kinds of books, learning apps, puzzles, and even fun games. Also, some are dynamic and will interact with the user at the same time. For example, the books are animated with cartoon characters from some of Disney’s top sellers, including. Frozen, Toy story, Sponge Bob Square Paints., Dora the Explorer, Sesame Street., And more.

We’re not entirely sure how useful or capable it is as a standalone device, but it will make great video calls. Like most of Amazon’s new products, it will be available “at the end of this year” for 299.

Disney Voice Assistant for Echo Devices.

A. "Hey disney" Banner with Dory, Chibaka, Mickey Mouse and Princess Tiana.

Speaking of Disney, Amazon announced that sometime in 2022, consumers will be able to customize Disney sounds on Echo devices. All of your favorite characters will be live on Echo Devices at the Walt Disney Resort locations. Eventually, regular Echo owners will be able to purchase individual voices as Alexa’s expertise.

Unless it’s available to regular users, you’ll be able to experience over 1000 “magical interactions” with Disney characters on Echo devices at Disney Resorts. Although Amazon didn’t show it on stage, we imagine that users of eco-devices in hotel rooms could ask questions, then get answers from Mickey, Dory and others. Imagine Elsa telling her children when Disneyland opens and where to go. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

Alexa together.

Alexa Simultaneous Subscription.

And finally, Amazon also announced a new “Alexa Together” subscription service, similar to the original “Care Hub” option within the Alexa mobile app.

With Alexa Together, families can easily communicate, communicate and keep in touch with people of family age. Amazon says it is beneficial for seniors who live independently but still need the help of family and friends. The subscription is $ 19.99 per month and includes instant response features, access to emergency helplines, and many more features of Alexa Care Hub.

For example, a family member can sign in and access a family member’s doctor’s call, care alerts, medication reminders, and more. In addition, if your parents ask Alexa for help or there is an emergency, you will be notified of the inquiry immediately. Ultimately, it will be great for friends, family members, caregivers and even trusted neighbors in an emergency.

The subscription is free for the first 6 months, then runs ڈالر 19.99 per month.

Amazon’s new Echo Show 15 looks like a huge addition to the Echo lineup and could be a great way to make it a hub for your entire smart home controls. Echo Show 15 and everything in detail here is coming later this year or early 2022.

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