6 Clever Ways to Use the Windows Command Prompt

select disk 3 … where, obviously, you replace the number 3 with whatever number corresponds to the disk in question. Finally, run: clean Your system will wipe the drive clean, with no hidden partitions or tables confusing your PC. Then you can click the Start menu, search for Disk Management, and right-click the drive to […]

A Windows Defender Vulnerability Lurked Undetected for 12 Years

Just because a vulnerability is old doesn’t mean it’s not useful. Whether it’s Adobe Flash hacking or the EternalBlue exploit for Windows, some methods are just too good for attackers to abandon, even if they’re years past their prime. But a critical 12-year-old bug in Microsoft’s ubiquitous Windows Defender antivirus was seemingly overlooked by attackers […]

How to Free Up Space on Your Laptop

A cluttered hard drive is a cluttered mind. (I think Albert Einstein said that.) If you’re constantly fighting against a “Low disk space” warning, it may be time for a little spring cleaning. Here’s how to find out what’s taking up space on your PC or Mac—and what to do with the files you just […]