Overview of JavaScript Data Tables

When developing a data-intensive business web application, you will certainly require a data table (also known as a grid table or data grid). It is a key UI element for organizing large amounts of data in a tabular form and thereby enabling end-users to conveniently interact with it. The implementation of this functionality can have […]

How to Integrate Google Pay Service and Why You Should

Until recently, the implementation of a payment method into your business software solution was a matter of your clients’ convenience and an important factor of success in e-commerce. Today, in the condition of the COVID-19 pandemic, contactless payments have also become an important aspect of safety for both buyers and sellers. When speaking about business […]

Acrobat on the Web Powered by WebAssembly

PDF documents are a major part of our digital lives and, in an era where we spend most of our time working inside a web browser, enhancing the PDF experience on the web is crucial for providing a seamless, multi-device experience. As the creators of PDF, this led Adobe to envision Acrobat Web; we embarked […]

How to Master Web Development

Here’s the game plan: you’re going to learn one programming language (JavaScript), the markup language HTML, and the styling language CSS. You’ll also learn the JavaScript framework React and the principles of UX and UI design. Note: If you want to master any particular language then check out this link: The best way to learn […]

7 Places to Host Your Jamstack Site

The Jamstack architecture is rapidly gaining popularity with web developers everywhere. Jam stands for “JavaScript, APIs, and Markup.” Jamstack sites are static sites built with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS; they’re text files, so they can be served up fast without requiring the overhead of traditional compiled or interpreted architectures. Tim Berners-Lee created the first static […]