Five of Texas’s ERCOT board members resign after massive power grid outage during winter storm

Five members of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas submitted their resignations. ERCOT, a non-profit, operates 90% of the state’s electric load. The group was criticized after massive power shutoffs during unprecedented winter storms. Five board members including the chair of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas will resign on Wednesday. ERCOT Board Chair Sally […]

Plumbers from out of state are heading to Texas to help repair winter storm damage

Plumbers are in high demand in Texas as the state works to repair damage from winter storms. Gov. Abbott is making it easier for out-of-state plumbers and those with expired licenses to help. The storm caused pipes and valves to freeze then burst which damaged many homes. Texas Governor Greg Abbott is working to increase […]

Biden declares Texas a major disaster after winter storms devastated the state

President Joe Biden declared a major disaster in the state of Texas, The White House announced. The declaration will make available federal funding to residents of dozens of Texas counties. Winter storms that began February 11 have devastated Texas, causing power and water outages. The White House on Saturday announced President Joe Biden had declared […]

Weather experts: Lack of planning caused cold catastrophe

This week’s killer freeze in the U.S. was no surprise. Government and private meteorologists saw it coming, some nearly three weeks in advance. They started sounding warnings two weeks ahead of time. They talked to officials. They issued blunt warnings through social media. And yet catastrophe happened. At least 20 people have died and 4 […]