The Best Menstrual Products (2021): Period Underwear, Cups, Pads, and More

One afternoon when I was in fourth grade, the girls were whisked away to watch a video about periods, pads, and tampons. That’s about where my public education on menstruation began and ended—a secret discussion that boys couldn’t be privy to. It was, from that moment forward, ingrained in us that it is somehow embarrassing […]

Lora DiCarlo Baci Robotic Massager Review: Pure Suction Fun

Lora DiCarlo’s Baci looks like a space pod. It’s an oblong device that would have no trouble blending into the set of HBO’s next prestige sci-fi drama. (I say next because, well, we don’t talk about Westworld in this house.) It’s sleek, sexy, and surprisingly discreet. But despite its unassuming exterior, this little gadget will […]

5 Best Live-TV Streaming Apps and Services (2021)

Hulu’s live-TV interface isn’t the best. There’s a separate tab for only live channels, but if you’re searching through anything else, the on-demand options are confusingly mixed in with the live offerings. Plus its price has increased $10 since we first recommended it, making it the same price as YouTube TV. Still, it has a […]

Lectric XP Review: Heavy, Foldable, and Affordable (2021)

Aside from the wonderfully fat tires, I also love the bounty of included accessories. You get fenders, a rear rack, a twist throttle, an integrated front and tail light powered by the battery, and an LCD center-mounted display to show battery levels and other useful data like your speed (no app needed!). As an added […]

So Long, Fry’s. I Learned Everything About Gadgets From You

For the umpteenth time in the past year, a wave of sadness hangs over my family’s group chat. This time it’s not about a fraught election or the woes of the ongoing pandemic. It’s because Fry’s Electronics, the west coast’s premier suburban electronics superstore, has announced it will soon close all of its locations. I […]

8 Best Trail Running Shoes: Hiking, Barefoot, and More

Even before the pandemic started, trail running was growing in popularity. But last year was a blowout year for trail runners, who set records (known as fastest known times, or FKTs) on trails all over the world.  I love trail running. I’ve been doing it for more than 20 years, and I still log a […]

8 Chess Apps and Websites (2021):, Lichess, SocialChess, Shredder Chess

The millennia-old pastime of chess has been enjoying an explosion of interest. Whether people are longing for any engaging hobby to keep themselves sane during the long wait, or they fell prey to a popular Netflix drama about a chess prodigy, competition is heating up. While games using a physical board will have to wait […]

Stykka StayTheF***Home Cardboard Desk Review: Poor Form

Hunching over a laptop and working on a kitchen table gets old fast. At least it did for me last spring, when the pandemic took hold of the US. It’s even worse if you live with someone and are both trying to work off the same couch. If your living room hasn’t devolved into a […]