‘Lapsis’ and the Rise of Gig-Economy Sci-Fi

Ray Tincelli, a good-humored, pot-bellied, middle-aged guy with a “’70s mobster” vibe and money troubles, is looking for a new gig. His day job as a courier for a sketchy lost baggage company isn’t cutting it. Played with hangdog charm by Dean Imperial—he looks like Jeremy Piven gone to seed—Tincelli is a brusque Queens dude […]

Movies of This Era Will Be as Unbalanced as the Pandemic Itself

If there’s one factoid that has bedeviled creators since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, it is this one: Shakespeare wrote King Lear during quarantine. The actual truthiness of this anecdote aside (there are nuances), many people—musicians, filmmakers, writers—took it as a personal challenge. If the bubonic plague didn’t halt one of the greatest plays […]