Lora DiCarlo Baci Robotic Massager Review: Pure Suction Fun

Lora DiCarlo’s Baci looks like a space pod. It’s an oblong device that would have no trouble blending into the set of HBO’s next prestige sci-fi drama. (I say next because, well, we don’t talk about Westworld in this house.) It’s sleek, sexy, and surprisingly discreet. But despite its unassuming exterior, this little gadget will […]

Lectric XP Review: Heavy, Foldable, and Affordable (2021)

Aside from the wonderfully fat tires, I also love the bounty of included accessories. You get fenders, a rear rack, a twist throttle, an integrated front and tail light powered by the battery, and an LCD center-mounted display to show battery levels and other useful data like your speed (no app needed!). As an added […]

8 Chess Apps and Websites (2021): Chess.com, Lichess, SocialChess, Shredder Chess

The millennia-old pastime of chess has been enjoying an explosion of interest. Whether people are longing for any engaging hobby to keep themselves sane during the long wait, or they fell prey to a popular Netflix drama about a chess prodigy, competition is heating up. While games using a physical board will have to wait […]

Stykka StayTheF***Home Cardboard Desk Review: Poor Form

Hunching over a laptop and working on a kitchen table gets old fast. At least it did for me last spring, when the pandemic took hold of the US. It’s even worse if you live with someone and are both trying to work off the same couch. If your living room hasn’t devolved into a […]

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Linux Edition) Review: A Top-Notch Laptop

For most of eternity, if you wanted to run Linux on your laptop you bought a Windows laptop, wiped Windows, and installed Linux. This was known as the “Windows tax,” the extra money you paid for an operating system you didn’t need. About 15 years ago, pioneering companies like System76 began selling white-label hardware with […]

Review: Chaat, Recipes From The Kitchens, Markets, and Railways of India

I quickly stumped the clerk who helped me find groceries at the Indian market in Issaquah, Washington. She looked at the length of the shopping list on my clipboard, then at me, and said, “Let me find the manager.” He and I sped through the first 10 or 15 ingredients, stuff like black chickpeas, Kashmiri […]

Ergatta Rower Review: Turn Your Workouts Into a Game

When I first played the game, I was so caught up trying to hit the targets that I didn’t realize I was working out until it was over. I was breathing hard and soaked in sweat, my legs were aching, and I was obsessed about the four targets I missed. I actually went back later […]

HBO Max vs. HBO Go vs. HBO Now: The key differences explained

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. HBO and WarnerMedia just launched a new streaming service — HBO Max. HBO already operates two major streaming platforms, HBO Go and HBO Now. On July 31, HBO discontinued the HBO Go app on most devices and rebranded HBO […]