Python Developer: Roles, Responsibilities, Skills, and Proficiency

The canonical, “Python is a great first language”, elicited, “Python is a great last language!” — Noah Spurrier  A rising programming language in the IT scenario, one of the most popular amongst the developer community — Python needs no introduction. Python programming has been in demand and so has been the demand for skilled Python […]

Why Should You Use Python in Digital Health Applications?

Python is one of the best programming languages used across a plethora of industries. The healthcare sector is a significant benefactor of the language. With Python programming in healthcare, institutions and clinicians can deliver better patient outcomes through dynamic and scalable applications. Today, healthcare is generating tons of data from patients and facilities. By making […]

How To Write a File in Python

When it comes to Python programming, one of the basic things you can do is to either write or read a file. Although the process isn’t complicated, you may need a helping hand if you’re a beginner. Whether you’re working as an author who wants to learn a little bit of coding or a tech […]

Top 15 Web Applications Built Using Python

Introduction The Python programming language is an advanced programming language that has gained high popularity. It has applications in web development, data science, machine learning, deep learning, big data, and more. Today, many companies are moving towards Python web programming for their technical requirements. Some of the top tech companies using Python include Google, Pinterest, […]

How to Calculate the String Angle of a Kite vs. a Balloon

What? This looks just like the forces for the balloon? OK, it does look similar—but there is a big difference. For the balloon, there is that upward-pushing buoyancy force, and it’s just one value. It doesn’t change when the wind speed increases. For the kite, the upward pushing force is the lift, and it DOES […]

Create a Web App and Deploy To the Cloud in 20 Minutes With Python

If you’ve been interested in deploying a web app to the cloud, this article is for you! In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make the web app and database shown in the gif above, and also deploy it to Heroku so it can be used by anyone. This guide is divided […]

Common Python Security Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Introduction Python is undoubtedly a popular language. It consistently ranks among the most popular and most loved languages year after year. That’s not hard to explain, considering how fluent and expressive it is. Its pseudocode-like syntax makes it extremely easy for beginners to pick it up as their first language, while its vast library of […]

Drawing Text on Images With Pillow and Python

Pillow supports drawing text on your images in addition to shapes. Pillow uses its own font file format to store bitmap fonts, limited to 256 characters. Pillow also supports TrueType and OpenType fonts as well as other font formats supported by the FreeType library. In this chapter, you will learn about the following: Drawing Text […]

Creating Custom Widgets Displayed in the Jupyter Notebook

Widgets are eventful python objects that have a representation in the browser such as sliders, Google charts, and Plotly charts. Widgets can be used to build interactive GUIs for your notebooks, synchronize information between Python and JavaScript, and display HTML elements in the Jupyter notebook. Jupyter notebook allows us to develop custom widgets to be […]

How Did They Find the Secret Space Lab in Captain Marvel?

OK, everything’s not perfect with a state space plot. Imagine you want to plot the motion of a hidden lab orbiting around the Earth. What would this look like? Honestly, it wouldn’t be so easy. In the oscillating spring example, it’s in one dimension. This means there is only one value for the position (the […]