Clubhouse’s Security and Privacy Lag Behind Its Explosive Growth

Clubhouse did not respond to a request from WIRED for comment by press time about its recent security stumbles. In a statement to the Stanford Internet Observatory researchers, Clubhouse detailed specific changes it planned to make to strengthen its security, including cutting off pings to servers in China and strengthening its encryption. The company also […]

A Case Against the Peeping Tom Theory of Privacy

As compelling as that Apple ad is, the Peeping Tom narrative doesn’t capture the collective dimension of data privacy. The truth, as the tech analyst Ben Thompson points out, is that the companies that track our every move, or try to, generally don’t care about us as individuals. The data they gather is aggregated, fed […]

Venture capitalist Balaji Srinivasan reportedly suggested doxxing a journalist who reported on narratives he didn’t like

Tech investor Balaji Srinivasan reportedly suggested siccing ‘the Dark Enlightenment audience’ on a journalist, the New York Times said. Srinivasan made the comment in a 2013 email to a far-right blogger, the Times reported. Some distrust of the mainstream media has circulated in Silicon Valley for years. Tech investor Balaji Srinivasan reportedly suggested doxxing a […]

Government Demands for Amazon Data Shot Up 800 Percent in 2020

The last few years have seen a scourge of account takeovers across social media, with no more visible example than last year’s audacious Twitter hack. This week, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok took part in a coordinated action to reclaim hundreds of accounts that had been used to facilitate trading of those ill-gotten handles within the […]