What Did I Just Read? A Conversation With the Authors of ‘2034’

EA: Yeah, I think that’s fair. In the book, Wedge, the pilot, winds up as the commanding officer of Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 323, the Death Rattlers. One of my oldest friends is at this moment deployed to the Persian Gulf as the commanding officer of the Death Rattlers, so using that squadron was an […]

What Life Is Like Under Myanmar’s Internet Shutdown

Rumors of a coup were spreading before the military acted. Sophie*, an American software developer, was at home with her young son and her husband Aung*, a union worker and Myanmar national, when Myanmar’s military took control in the early hours of February 1. As the nation’s military leaders arrested Aung San Suu Kyi, president […]

Biden Faces a Steep Challenge to Unite Democracies on Tech

In a February 19 speech at the Munich Security Conference, delivered virtually from the White House, President Joe Biden declared, “We must shape the rules that will govern the advance of technologies and the norms of behavior in cyberspace, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, so they are used to lift people up, not used to pin them […]

‘2034,’ Part V: Sailing Into Darkness

She made a request to disable all of the avionics in one of her fighter squadrons, VMFA-323, the Death Rattlers, the only Marine squadron aboard the Enterprise and the only one that still used the antiquated F/A-18 Hornet airframe. She would be given two days to modify the aircraft in port, and then whatever extra […]

China Hijacked an NSA Hacking Tool in 2014—and Used It for Years

More than four years after a mysterious group of hackers known as the Shadow Brokers began wantonly leaking secret NSA hacking tools onto the internet, the question that debacle raised—whether any intelligence agency can prevent its “zero-day” stockpile from falling into the wrong hands—still haunts the security community. That wound has now been reopened, with […]

Groups ask Biden administration to reconsider nuke decision

Watchdog groups want the Biden administration to reconsider a decision by a U.S. agency not to conduct a more extensive environmental review related to production of the plutonium cores used in the nation’s nuclear arsenal By SUSAN MONTOYA BRYAN Associated Press February 17, 2021, 7:17 PM • 4 min read ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Watchdog groups […]

The Untold History of America’s Zero-Day Market

“With the breakup of the Soviet Union, you had a lot of people with skills, without jobs,” Sabien explained. In Europe, hackers, some as young as 15 and 16, were trading their discoveries to zero-day dealers who would turn around and sell them directly to government agencies and their brokers. Some of the most talented […]

‘2034,’ Part III: One Left to Tell the Tale

There was light in his room now. Hanging from a metal arm in the far corner was a television. Something was written on its bottom. Wedge relaxed his throbbing head against the pillow. With his unswollen eye, he focused on the television and the piece of text embossed at its base. It took all of […]