Why a YouTube Chat About Chess Got Flagged for Hate Speech

Last June, Antonio Radić, the host of a YouTube chess channel with more than a million subscribers, was live-streaming an interview with the grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura when the broadcast suddenly cut out. Instead of a lively discussion about chess openings, famous games, and iconic players, viewers were told Radić’s video had been removed for “harmful […]

What is an “algorithm”? It depends whom you ask

Similarly, New York City is considering Int 1894, a law that would introduce mandatory audits of “automated employment decision tools,” defined as “any system whose function is governed by statistical theory, or systems whose parameters are defined by such systems.” Notably, both bills mandate audits but provide only high-level guidelines on what an audit is. […]

AI armed with multiple senses could gain more flexible intelligence

In late 2012, AI scientists first figured out how to get neural networks to “see.” They proved that software designed to loosely mimic the human brain could dramatically improve existing computer-vision systems. The field has since learned how to get neural networks to imitate the way we reason, hear, speak, and write. But while AI […]

Boston Dynamics’ Robot Dog Is Now Armed—in the Name of Art

In Spot’s Rampage, the robot roams an art gallery with a paintball gun. Boston Dynamics has racked up hundreds of millions of YouTube views with viral clips of its futuristic, legged robots dancing together, doing parkour, and working in a warehouse. A group of meme-spinning pranksters now wants to present a more dystopian view of […]

Google fires AI manager who protested her peer’s departure

Google has fired a leader of its artificial intelligence ethics team in the fallout from the recent departure of another former employee involved in the same field ByThe Associated Press February 20, 2021, 1:15 AM • 2 min read MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Google has fired a leader of its artificial intelligence ethics team in […]

A Second AI Researcher Says She Was Fired by Google

For the second time in three months, a prominent woman researcher on ethics in artificial intelligence says Google fired her. On Friday, researcher Margaret Mitchell said she had been fired from the company’s AI lab, Google Brain, where she previously co-led a group working on ethical approaches to artificial intelligence. Her former co-leader of that […]

The AI Research Paper Was Real. The ‘Coauthor’ Wasn’t

David Cox, the head of a prestigious artificial intelligence lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was scanning an online computer science bibliography in December when he noticed something odd—his name listed as an author alongside three researchers in China whom he didn’t know on two papers he didn’t recognize. At first, he didn’t think much of it. […]

A New Artificial Intelligence Makes Mistakes—on Purpose

It took about 50 years for computers to eviscerate humans in the venerable game of chess. A standard smartphone can now play the kind of moves that make a grandmaster’s head spin. But one artificial intelligence program is taking a few steps backward, to appreciate how average humans play—blunders and all. The AI chess program, […]

Microsoft’s Big Win in Quantum Computing Was an ‘Error’ After All

Whatever happened, the Majorana drama is a setback for Microsoft’s ambitions to compete in quantum computing. Leading computing companies say the technology will define the future by enabling new breakthroughs in science and engineering. Quantum computers are built from devices called qubits that encode 1s and 0s of data but can also use a quantum […]

Optimizely’s Founder Wants to Augment Your Memories

Siroker won’t be drilling into skulls to rewire brains. Instead, the plan is to methodically capture and store all sorts of data—audio, video, and eventually biometric—that can be easily searched or cleverly invoked in a way that augments your actual memory with stuff you otherwise wouldn’t have possibly remembered, unless you were Marilu Henner. That’s […]