Building Large Projects With Vue, Vite, and Lerna

Introduction Today we’d like to present a blueprint for large Vue JS projects. It uses the new and exciting Vite build tool and Lerna monorepo manager. I’ve built large enterprise projects in a similar way, using Angular, Vue JS, webpack, and rollup. Vite, created by the Vue JS team, looks very promising so I wanted […]

Scaling Salesforce Apps Using Heroku Microservices

This is the ninth article documenting what I’ve learned from a series of 13 Trailhead Live video sessions on Modern App Development on Salesforce and Heroku.  In these articles, we’re focusing on how to combine Salesforce with Heroku to build an “eCars” app—a sales and service application for a fictitious electric car company (“Pulsar”).  eCars allows users […]