5 things you should know when buying a refurbished or used iPhone

If you’re looking to buy a used or refurbished iPhone, you should take a few things into consideration first. Most modern iPhones work with any carrier, but if you’re buying an older used iPhone, check to make sure it’s compatible with your cellular company. You should ensure a used iPhone isn’t stolen or Activation Locked […]

Apple Offers Its Closest Look Yet at iOS and MacOS Security

Apple is a notoriously secretive and insular organization, a tendency that has often put it at odds with the security research community. The company is often inscrutable about the technical details of how its products and security features really work. So the resource security researchers say they have come to rely on most for breadcrumbs […]

Malware Is Now Targeting Apple’s New M1 Processor

Mac malware has always been less common than its Windows-targeting counterparts, but in recent years the threat to Apple computers has gone mainstream. There’s adware  and even ransomware tailored to Macs, and attackers are always looking to circumvent Apple’s latest defenses. Now hackers have debuted malware tailored to run on Apple’s new ARM-based M1 processors, […]

Apple AirPods Max (2020) Review: Insanely Great, Insanely Expensive

The flimsy case doesn’t offer much protection, but you have to use it to force the headphones into low power mode.  Photograph: Apple Apple’s noise-canceling is once again excellent, with HVAC and keyboard noises disappearing instantly. I’m not shocked, given that senior writer Adrienne So claims her toddlers routinely scare the crap out of her […]