Bats, birds among wildlife pummeled during Southern freeze

DALLAS — As many people in the southern U.S. hosted neighbors who had no heat or water during the vicious February storm and deep freeze, Kate Rugroden provided a refuge for shell-shocked bats. Starving and disoriented, the winged mammals tumbled to the snow-coated ground as temperatures plunged to levels rarely seen in the region. “They […]

What a 1900s Wildlife Survey Reveals About Climate Change

“I don’t think there’s anybody today that could hold a candle to what those guys could do, both physically and in terms of deep thinking about what they were seeing,” Patton says. “We’re too keyed to our mechanical, digital devices to actually look at things.” While Grinnell collected and surveyed specimens by shotgun and deadly […]

New Zealand volunteers refloat 28 whales in rescue effort

Volunteers in New Zealand are optimistic they can save the 28 whales that remain from a mass stranding after refloating them for the second time in two days By NICK PERRY Associated Press February 23, 2021, 3:03 AM • 3 min read WELLINGTON, New Zealand — Volunteers in New Zealand were optimistic they could save […]

Volunteers in New Zealand try to rescue 40 stranded whales

Volunteers in New Zealand are trying to save 40 stranded whales by refloating them on the high tide By NICK PERRY Associated Press February 22, 2021, 6:43 AM • 2 min read WELLINGTON, New Zealand — Volunteers in New Zealand were trying to save 40 stranded whales Monday evening by refloating them on the high […]

Late ice cramps anglers’ appetite, research of crucial fish

BOWDOINHAM, Maine — A lack of ice in cold weather states this year has made it difficult for scientists to study the population of an ecologically important fish. Rainbow smelts, which are small fish that are very popular with ice anglers, have been a focus of conservationists for many years. The federal government listed the […]

Scientists Accidentally Discover Strange Creatures Under a Half Mile of Ice

But because the researchers couldn’t collect specimens, they can’t yet say what exactly these sponges and other critters could be eating. Some sponges filter organic detritus from the water, whereas others are carnivorous, feasting on tiny animals. “That would be sort of your headline of the year,” says Christopher Mah, a marine biologist at the […]

Scientists Can Literally Become Allergic to Their Research

This story originally appeared on Undark and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Bryan Fry’s heart was pounding as he stepped back from the snake enclosure and examined the bite marks on his hand. He had just been bitten by a death adder, one of Australia’s most venomous snakes. Its neurotoxin-laced bite could cause […]

Stunning Images of Starlings in Flight

Photographer Søren Solkær describes early autumn in Denmark as eternal. When the sky grows darker around sunset, time stops. But this imperishable moment is sometimes caused by a phenomenon slightly rarer than a setting sun: hundreds of thousands of starlings gathering to accentuate the inevitable darkness of nightfall in a flying formation called a murmuration. […]

EXPLAINER: What the WHO coronavirus experts learned in Wuhan

A World Health Organization team is leaving China after gaining some new insights into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic that has now killed more than 2.3 million people worldwide By EMILY WANG FUJIYAMA and KEN MORITSUGU Associated Press February 10, 2021, 12:32 PM • 4 min read WUHAN, China — A World Health Organization […]