Load and Compile Dynamical HTML in AngularJS

As a project requirement, we have to load HTML content with CSS (in JSON response) from the backend dynamically and compile it in an Angular application. We also need to support those Angular directives defined in HTML. This article will describe the solution for both AngularJS and Angular. AngularJS To compile dynamical HTML in AngularJS, […]

Connecting Angular to an SQL database

Creating a “real” Angular app is ridiculously difficult, because it requires you to learn some sort of backend technology, SQL, HTTP and a gazillion other unrelated technologies. This implies that before you can create as much as a single (useful) Hello World app in Angular, you’ve spent the larger parts of a decade to learn […]

Angular Routing Between Components (Angular 9)

Introduction Angular Routing allows for navigation between components and enables the changing of part of a page, hence the reasoning for developing single page applications. Routing uses the URL in the address bar to change components. In this article, we are going to create a new Angular application and add components to implement Routing between […]